World Wide Weather


I live in England and as I write this we are experiencing severe and prolonged storms on a scale never seen before. I wonder how this fits in with Bible prophesy about the end times. I understand the Bible says these things will happen in the last days and perhaps this is part of the birth pains prophesied. If it weren’t so serious it would be laughable listening to the so called experts trying to explain why it’s all happening. Without a doubt this country has turned its back on God and I wonder if the Lord is sending us a warning. How do we who love the Lord try and convince a more and more skeptical nation?


As you probably know, the US has been experiencing some severe weather as well. And throughout the world volcanic eruptions and other “natural” events are also becoming remarkably more frequent. I think these are signs that we’re in the End Times. But in the case of our two countries I also believe they are warnings of the consequences that nations who have vacillated in their support for Israel against its enemies can expect.

As for trying to persuade our respective nations to change their direction, I don’t believe that’s possible. We know that both nations will be destroyed in the end times judgments (Jeremiah 30:11), and that the Church is of no nation, but our citizenship is in Heaven (Phil. 3:20). Our challenge is to persuade people on an individual basis to join us in going there while there’s still time.