Pre-Flood Writing


I have a great question that I have been wondering for a long time now. When was the written language first created? Did Adam and Eve first communicate through their minds? Or did they have the Hebrew language and letters right from the beginning with pencils and paper? Did Adam say to Eve go get those pencils and write down the names of the animals?


I believe that Adam and Eve had a spoken language. I think that God speaks Hebrew and taught it to them, but that’s just my opinion. And there is a non-Biblical tradition that Moses had books written by Adam to help him write Genesis. If you do some research on the ancient Chinese language, you’ll find it consisted of pictograms that told the Creation Story long before Moses came along. There are proven pre-flood languages as well, and evidence of pre flood writing has been discovered in areas that were settled by the Sumerians and the Egyptians, two of the earliest post-flood civilizations.