Pre-Trib Or Pre-Wrath?


A friend and I were discussing the Rapture and I said I believe in the Pre-Trib Rapture and He said He believes in the Pre-Wrath Rapture. What’s the difference?


The Pre-Trib position places the rapture of the Church before any of the end times judgments that will happen during the last 7 years leading up to the 2nd Coming. (The Great Tribulation happens during the last half of this seven year period, which is why this position is called Pre Trib.

The Pre-Wrath position places the rapture at the time of the 2nd Coming after the judgments of the Great Tribulation are complete. According to the pre-wrath view another period of judgment will take place after the Great Tribulation has ended and the Church has been raptured. They refer to this as the Wrath of God, hence the name Pre-Wrath rapture.

I must add that the Bible only teaches one rapture position, and if you remain true to the context of the various rapture passages the most literal interpretation will lead you to the conclusion that it’s pre-trib. Any other position, including pre-wrath, requires that you violate either the context, or a literal interpretation, or both.