Pre-Trib Or Post-Trib?


In the last few months I have come across individuals in my personal life, as well as ministers on the internet and television, who not only stand for Post-Tribulation, but speak and preach as though it is Satanic, evil, and wrong to believe in Pre-Tribulation rapture. What is satanic about it? I believe God takes care of His own and that we are not objects of God’s wrath.


A literal interpretation of the Bible, paying attention to the context of the various passages, will lead us to the conclusion that the rapture of the Church will precede all of Daniel’s 70th Week.

So why do people cling to the post trib view? For some it’s because they believe the Church has replaced Israel, and since the Bible says Israel will go through the Tribulation they assume it’s referring to the Church. Others have a grace plus works view of salvation. They believe we have to be punished for our sins before we’ll be worthy to enter the Kingdom. For this reason, they don’t think we have the right to escape the tribulation. And just as it is with pre-trib believers, there are also many of the post-trib persuasion who have never done their own research and simply believe what they’ve been taught.

I agree it’s sad that some get so angry about this. The best thing for us is to remember that the rapture will happen just as the Bible describes it, regardless of man’s opinions to the contrary.