Can A Person Be Post Trib And Pre Wrath?


A friend mentioned that they believe in a rapture, but a rapture that is post trib, pre-wrath (meaning the day of wrath). I have heard of both post-trib, and pre-wrath rapture theories, but not the combination of the two. I completely and firmly believe in a pre-trib rapture, with no other qualifiers, and to me it would be hard to “comfort one another with these words” if you believed in the above scenario. Any input on this theory and how I can help my friend?


Many pre-wrath rapture advocates believe the time of God’s wrath follows the end of the Great Tribulation and that’s the only part of the end times judgments God promised to keep us from. Therefore, they’re both post-trib and pre wrath. These folks often have good comebacks to arguments against their position, but if you do some research you’ll find a massive amount of re-interpretation is required to make the Scriptures agree with them.

To accept the pre-wrath position people have to depart from a literal interpretation of Scripture and disregard the context of several important passages. (Fortunately for them, this is not a salvation issue.)

Since the most successful experts in detecting counterfeits are the ones who are most familiar with the original, your best approach is to keep studying the Pre-Trib view. It’s the only one a literal interpretation of the Bible supports.