More Pre Trib Post Trib


I really like your prophecy site, with the exception of a couple of discrepancies. The big one is that the Christians will not be raptured out before the end of the great tribulation. The Bible scriptures make it very clear about this, and it’s very misleading to Christians to teach otherwise.

We must be prepared spiritually, physically and mentally, and be prepared for the spiritual warfare that will greatly increase in the tribulation. I’ve included scriptures backing this up, and I will send more to you if you like.

That is why the great Christian who tells of Christian Prophecy and wrote the book, “The World’s Last Dictator”, revised his book to pre-wrath instead of pre-trib, after many years of research and prayer.

Please tell me how you can read these scriptures and decide the Christians will not be here until the end ot the great tribulation? No one will be ready, if they believe what you’re trying to convince them of. You need to reconsider or their blood will be on your hands.


Not one of the verses you’ve cited requires a post-trib rapture. And it’s too bad that the author you mention has lost his understanding of the role of the church and the finality of the cross, as well as his faith in the Lord’s promises, but that’s no reason for me to change my view either.

I’ve probably studied the different views of the Rapture as much as any person alive and have always come away convinced of the correctness of the pre-trib position. In fact, over the years my opinion on the timing of the Rapture has gotten earlier in the End Times Scenario, not later.

There’s more to understanding the rapture of the Church than some verses calling for us to miss all of Daniel’s 70th week. The whole basis for the Lord’s relationship with the Church and His completed work on the cross depend on it.