A Day’s Wages For A Loaf Of Bread?


Hope this won’t sound frivolous. During the Tribulation; it will take a day’s wages to buy a one day supply of food. How will people be able to pay for their other expenses? (Rent, mortgages, utilities, gasoline, etc.)


Not at all. It sounds frightening. In effect, the third seal judgment of Rev. 6:5-7 says it will take everything the average person can earn in a day to purchase enough wheat flour to make a large loaf of bread. (A loaf of bread is roughly enough food for one person for one day.) That means all other expenses, including the cost of feeding anyone else they may be responsible for will go unpaid. Some expert observers believe this could be due to the combination of hyper-inflation and extreme food shortages. Among them are those who say the world could be in the run up to this time of extreme hardship even now.