The Wages Of Sin, Follow Up


Maybe I didn’t read it correctly but the person who wrote this article asked if the phrase “the wages of sin is death” was speaking of a physical death not a spiritual one. You responded, “The wages of sin is death comes from Romans 6:23 and relates to physical death.” How is wages of sin is death related to physical death? If that were truly the case, born again Christians wouldn’t be physically dying on this earth. I’ve been always told, wages of sin is spiritual death, which is separation from God.


When Adam and Eve were sinless they were immortal. When they sinned they and all their descendants became mortal, subject to both physical and spiritual death. Because of the cross believers will escape spiritual death but aside from those who go in the rapture every human will experience physical death, believer or not. This is because every human is a sinner. Believers don’t escape spiritual death because they haven’t sinned, but because our sins have been forgiven. The wages of sin is death.