A Different Perspective


It has been my joy to fellowship with Pentecostal- leaning messianic Jewish believers. Some of them hold to a different understanding of the ‘End Times’ which does not seem to include the Rapture of the Church They believe a doctrine labeled One New Man (Jew & Gentile believers together) but believe that the One New Man will take the gospel to both through world evangelism. At that point, Jesus will return to earth at His Second Coming and establish His kingdom upon the earth. Those Christians who continue to assist the Jews during their time of sorrow will be ushered into the kingdom. For those Christians who do not help the Jews, they will be turned away! What are your thoughts on this belief?


There really isn’t any way to reconcile this view with the Bible without a massive amount of re-interpretation. The Rapture of the Church followed by the 70th week of Daniel, which includes the Great Tribulation, and then the 2nd Coming and Millennium is still the sequence of events most easily supported by a literal interpretation of the Bible.