A Grateful Heart?


I’ve been thinking about the statements you wrote like, “If what we say we believe doesn’t result in action, it’s doubtful that we really believe it. True faith will manifest itself in Spirit led work” and, “Faith brings salvation, which brings gratitude, which brings a desire to express our gratitude through acts of service.”

I am one of those Christians who have had doubts about my own salvation ever since I asked the Lord to save me. Often I wonder if I have truly believed he died for all my sins. If not, I really want to believe. It’s been already 3 years since I asked the Lord to save me and there’s has been absolutely no gratitude from my heart because of doubt. And because of my doubts, there hasn’t been any expression of my gratitude in the form of acts of kindness toward others. Was I even saved from the start?


It’s not for me to say if you were ever saved or not. But in Matthew 7:7-8 the Lord said that everyone who asks receives, so if you’re unsure about it why don’t you just ask Him for your salvation again?

While you’re at it, ask Him to teach you how to express your gratitude as well. Be like the man who said, “Lord I do believe. Help me overcome my unbelief” (Mark 9:24).

Then, every time you see an opportunity to perform an act of kindness for someone, do it in the Lord’s name, even if you don’t feel like it, or aren’t sure the opportunity really came from Him. This is called making a contrary-to-feelings choice. It means you’re making a conscious decision to do something nice for someone. It’s the way all new habits are formed.

Your feelings will soon align themselves with your choices, and you’ll find that being kind to others has become automatic, as well as enjoyable.

And don’t worry about the other person’s reaction. If people are not as grateful as you think they should be, that’s between them and the Lord. He will be pleased with you regardless, and after all He’s the one you’re doing it for.

Keep practicing this and you’ll get better at two things, recognizing when the Lord is prompting you, and expressing your gratitude to Him for saving you.

As you do all your doubts about your salvation will go away, and you will have become a much happier person as well.