A Grave Lack Of Spirit


I have to tell you about a problem of mine. Once it wasn’t a problem to me but in recent years I have problems with learning. I feel I have problem with concentration and memorizing things. And I always was very sensitive to my performance! Learning for exams is a painful toil and I constantly feel great guilt because my grave lack of spirit. I’m now before my final exams and I’m very afraid of them. These are the last but many. What do you think about that? (What can I ask from the Lord in this case?)


Almost all students have this problem because the closer we get to a goal the harder it is to maintain our motivation to achieve it. In your case, the goal has been to get an education and it’s nearly accomplished. The solution is to begin focusing on the next goal, the great things you can begin working toward as soon as the tests are finished and you have your education. Ask the Lord to help you see how you can use your education for His glory and concentrate on that. This will put the tests in their proper perspective and diminish your fear of them, because you’ll see they’re just another step toward the bigger goal.