Folded Grave Clothes?


When Jesus left the tomb, His grave clothes were neatly folded on the slab (He obviously didn’t need the earthly garments anymore.) I’m wondering if you think it’s possible that OUR clothes will also be left behind, folded neatly where we were as we ascended? If this were the case, it would be an even greater problem for the unbelievers left behind to explain to the world; but it would also be a greater pointer for those on the edge of belief to question what on earth had just happened.


Apparently it was only the cloth that had covered the Lord’s head that had been folded up (John 20:6-7) but I get the idea. What the Bible refers to as grave clothes was a series of long strips of linen cloth that were wound around the body. There was a generous amount of Myrrh, an embalming spice, packed between the layers of linen to mask the smell of decaying flesh. Jesus left all these behind because He couldn’t have walked around like that. And He did wear Earthly clothes for the 40 days He remained here before His ascension.

I don’t think whoever folded up the Lord’s head covering intended to signal the rest of us that our clothes would be folded too, although I agree that it would be an obvious sign. And these days, there might also be other things in addition to the pile of clothing, such as false teeth, artificial hips, knees, and even entire limbs, etc.