New Clothes For Old?


I am a Christian of 50 years. I have always believed and looked forward to the pre trib rapture of believers. The more I study God’s word the more I am convinced of his soon return. This is just a thought I have had for many years. When Jesus takes out the living Christians will their clothing go with them or will there be lots of little piles of clothing left to indicate to the world that they were once here? I would like your opinion on this if you have one. May God bless you in your ministry. I will meet you one day.


No one knows this for sure, but most scholars believe that we’ll leave our clothing behind since we’ll be receiving different clothing along with our new bodies. Movies that are made of the Rapture often show neatly folded piles of clothing where believers once were. Rev. 19:8 says we’ll be clothed in white linen, bright and clean.