Leaving Our Clothes Behind


When our Lord was resurrected, He left His grave clothes behind. I know a lady who is horrified to think she may go naked up into the air in the rapture, before “God and everybody.”

While we are talking about the subject, what is the significance, what are we to learn, from the face cloth folded and laid separately?


Yes He left His grave clothes behind, but He wasn’t left naked. The Old Testament explains that the Lord is very big on modesty. Remember the issue with Noah and his sons when one of them found him uncovered? The other two backed into the tent to cover him so as not to see him naked (Genesis 9:20-23) Also Moses was instructed to make linen undergarments for the priests to keep them covered as they walked up to the altar. (Exodus 20:26 & 29:42-43)

As for the Lord’s face cloth, ideas abound. But I think that it was done to show that the Lord’s body wasn’t stolen. Thieves wouldn’t have taken the time to fold the cloth.