Leaving It All Behind


One of my daily highlights is to come to this site and learn what Jesus might have to teach me from your insight.

You’ve probably answered this before, but maybe it bears repeating in light of a question asked recently about post-rapture stewardship.

I am a single person, so my financial future, as long or short (I’m longing for the Rapture – now, Lord, please!) as it may be, is in mine (to a minuscule degree) and the Lord’s hands. I have a savings account and a 401K – I don’t want to leave them for people to pillage during the Tribulation, but I also don’t want to be a burden on society if the Lord tarries. My parents were sure that the Lord would come every soon (during the 1970’s) so they didn’t really save for their retirement. Thank God, my father’s retirement from his work career covers him (my mother died years ago). What is the correct balance between these two issues.


1 John 3:17-22 addresses the issue of giving. It says that as long as we’re obeying God’s commands we have confidence before Him, and can receive from Him anything we ask. That means if we’re giving what God requires and responding generously when He asks, then our giving is pleasing to Him, and it’s OK to have something set aside for the future. But I can guarantee that when the Rapture comes, what’s happening to your 401K will be the last thing on your mind.