Leaving My Property Behind


I have been a farmer and crop duster all my adult life, and something dawned on me recently that I would like your thoughts on. We have worked hard to overcome heavy debt all these years, and my wife and I are finally debt free and own some land. We have no children, and I would like to somehow leave the benefit of this land toward bringing those left behind to Christ, after the rapture. Also, I would like to see it benefit those who become believers after the rapture, as we all know that these will be terrible times. What dawned on me was “Who would I leave it to?” All the believers will be gone, so who could I trust to administer the proceeds or sale of the land. I wonder how wills will be probated, if a group of people simply disappears.


Yours is an issue that many believers face. An unbeliever with sufficient integrity could perhaps be trusted to carry out your wishes. Some kind of legal document detailing your intended disposition of and use for the property might also be in order. But your best option might be to donate the property in advance while retaining the unencumbered right to use it as long as you live. You could choose a person or group whose current activities are compatible with your desires, such as an orphanage or homeless shelter, but who would likely not be taken in the rapture. I suggest seeing an attorney to discuss your options. Above all, remember that the Lord looks at your motives in doing this. If your desires are not carried out after you’re gone He will hold the violators accountable, not you.