Leaving Our Bodies Behind?


Thinking of how the news media is pushing the idea for at least the last 20 years of a World Wide Pandemic, and that there are many movies and a new hit TV show on the subject, I have been thinking that the public is primed and ready for this to happen. Why would we take our bodies to meet Jesus and leave just our clothes? I am convinced that will not happen. I think the strong delusion will be the millions of raptured saints bodies passed off as the coming worldwide pandemic. Someone will have to step up to calm those left behind and clean up the mess. Am I off base, and if not, why is everyone saying that only empty clothing will be left? I have never heard anyone say millions of bodies will be everywhere and it will be an international disaster. Is there anyone out there who thinks this way, besides me?


You’ve probably never heard anyone say that after the rapture there will be millions of bodies everywhere because most people don’t believe it will happen that way. Death is when the spirit leaves the body, but according to 1 Cor. 15:51-53 living believers won’t die (sleep) at the time of the rapture. Instead we’ll be changed in an instant from mortal to immortal, from imperfect to perfect, from bearing the likeness of Adam to bearing the likeness of Jesus (1 Cor. 15:49). We won’t be leaving our bodies behind because we’ll need them for all of eternity.