What’s The Meaning Of The Folded Napkin?


Do you know the answer to the folded napkin in Jesus tomb? Is there scriptural proof of what that could represent?


You probably got the same email I received about the folded cloth being a sign that the Lord would return. It’s a touching story and the tradition that the folded napkin was a master’s sign to his servants may, in fact, be correct. But we don’t need a folded napkin to know that Jesus is coming back. There are about 500 prophecies of the 2nd Coming yet to be fulfilled, many more than there were for the first coming, and all carry the weight of Scripture.

John didn’t explain the meaning of the folded napkin in his gospel (John 20:7) Personally I believe the Lord folded the napkin to show that His departure was an orderly and voluntary act. It was proof that the tomb had not been robbed and His body had not been stolen, as some later claimed.