A Lie My Father Told Me


I have to comment on your response to the person who wanted to know if the nephilim could have been saved by the cross. When I was a very young girl, my parents were divorced and my dad got custody of my brothers and myself.

As I recall, I was nine or ten when my dad told me that he was not my father. He explained that an incubus had crawled in the window and had sex with my mother. I was the result. I was utterly destroyed by this lie. I KNEW that I KNEW that I KNEW that God could never love me. I became more and more mentally ill, and somewhere along the line became a multiple personality.

I was in my forties before I came to realize that I am fully human, and as worthy in God’s sight as any other human. I can’t go into detail all the ways my life was affected by this lie, but I am sure you can understand a little of how it was for me. I still can’t stand to see movies about aliens from outer space, etc.

I praise God that I am now whole, thanks to the healing touch of Jesus, and I have been reborn of the spirit. My whole family is amazed at my transformation. One of the first things I did as a new Christian was forgive my parents for the harm they caused me. I realized that we have the same enemy, but I have been set free, by the Grace of God.

My point is this: am I unique? Did Satan prompt other parents to tell similar lies to their children? I wonder if this person who wrote to you was trying to find a way out of their perceived trap? You see, they couldn’t tell you why they want the nephilim to be saved, since they would believe, as I did, that they could not trust ANYONE with the secret of their DN


It’s hard to believe that any parent would inflict such pain on his own child. It’s an indication that Satan is alive and well on Planet Earth. I’ve never heard of this particular form of psychological abuse from any other source but given what I have heard I would would not be surprised to learn that you’re not the world’s only victim of such a thing.

The story of what the Lord has done in your life is truly amazing. It’s definitely something that others who have suffered abuse could benefit from hearing.