A Partial Rapture?


Thank-you for this section of your web site, it has helped so much with my Bible study.

I’m am however having a real hard time seeing in the scripture that everyone who is saved is going in the rapture. When I read some of the parables such as the ten virgins and the watching servants, it seems that Jesus is separating the faithful servant from the unfaithful servant. Could this mean that even though salvation is a gift for belief, the Rapture is a gift for faithfulness?

I also find it hard to believe that Jesus would take anyone in the Rapture that doesn’t even believe the Rapture will happen, Although many that Love the Lord do not believe. Wouldn’t this be against their free will?


Although some teachers use the parables of the 10 virgins (Matt 25: 1-13) and the faithful servants (Matt 24:45-51) to justify a partial rapture based on worthiness, they are incorrect. First of all, Starting in Matt. 24:36 everything that follows has to do with the day of His 2nd Coming and afterward. And second, the foolish virgins and the unfaithful servants are both disowned by the Lord and sent to hell. No one will be sent to hell for not believing in the Rapture.

These parables describe the separation of those who become believers during the Great Tribulation after the Church is gone and are still alive when He returns, from those who don’t.

I’ve often joked that the Lord should give each person the rapture he believes in, but the fact is that the Rapture is something that will happen to all Church age believers whether they think it will or not. The clearest description of the rapture is in 1 Thes. 4:16-18 and it doesn’t support the partial rapture theory. Nor does any other Rapture passage.

The Rapture is like gravity. Even your free will cannot prevent it. It exists whether you believe in it or not. And believe me, no one will be upset about being forced to go after they see what we inherit. A believer’s lack of faith will be addressed at the Bema Seat Judgment, where it will disqualify him or her for rewards (1 Cor. 3:10-15) but not for participation in the Rapture.