Partial Rapture Theories


I love the insight you have into Revelation you make it so clear.

I have been interested in End Times since I was first saved 33 years ago and I feel that I have a good understanding of it all BUT willing to learn more.

Now…..I have a question which has troubled me since I read it and because you may know the person who wrote it I won’t mention his name although you may be able to guess. He says that not all the Christians will be going in the rapture but only the Bride of Christ. The rest will have to face the consequences and go through the tribulation and could be martyred or lost.

Now I find this extremely worrying as my belief is that all those that are born again will go in the rapture even if they are what you would call luke warm Christians. The Bible says…’believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved’. I see that as saved from the wrath to come.

My personal interest in this is that my eldest daughter and granddaughter have given their lives to Jesus and have been water baptized but unfortunately both are married to husbands that are unsaved so they don’t go to church and after reading the article they won’t be in the rapture either but will have to face the wrath to come and I can’t see them being able to do that.

Please give me your answer to this problem I value it and would appreciate if very much.


There are a couple of different sources for the notion of a partial rapture. One was developed by church leaders who believe that there needs to be some kind of behavioral qualification to receive such a blessing. It’s a combination of grace plus works that has no biblical basis and denies the sufficiency of our Lord’s death on the cross.

The other one comes from a major denomination that teaches that only its members are the Bride of Christ. All other Christians are “Friends of the Bridegroom” and are not privy to the blessings of the Bride. This is an equally un-scriptural view. There is but one church and all who accept the Lord’s death as payment in full for all their sins belong.

I don’t know which of these two applies in your family’s case, but the fact is that we are saved by what we believe, not by how we behave, and certainly not by what denomination we’ve joined. It’s true that our behavior as believers can earn heavenly rewards for us, but the Rapture is not such a reward. It’s a basic promise to everyone who believes that Jesus died for all of our sins.