A Premature Conversion?


In your response titled “Born Again Before They Die?”, you stated: “They (young children) don’t need to be born again because they haven’t spiritually died, and they can’t be born again because they don’t understand what that means”.

My 7-year-old son accepted Christ as his Savior several months ago, after many hours of discussion, study, explanations, etc with him. Are you stating that this was a premature conversion, and he will need to “redo” this once “accountability” sets in (which I’m not sure I know the age of…)?


As I said in the answer, the age of accountability is the age at which a child has achieved the intellectual maturity to understand the consequences of sin and therefore the need for salvation. Since this differs from child to child, I would not venture to say whether or not this was a premature conversion. But with a few well placed questions, I’m confident you could find out for yourself, if you don’t already know. If you don’t trust yourself to be objective, ask someone else to help you.