A Question About Dating


My best friend, who is also a Christian, is dating a Jewish boy. My youth group pastor told us that Christians are not supposed to date those aren’t committed Christians. What should I tell my friend? Should I support this relationship?


Paul advised us not to be yoked together with an unbeliever because of differences in perspective (2 Cor. 6:14). A Christian simply looks at the world differently than a non-Christian and this can lead to tension in the relationship. Even secular marriage counselors say we shouldn’t knowingly take anything into a relationship that could cause a problem down the road. This advice all pertains to a marriage, but there are also some who say we shouldn’t become involved in a serious dating relationship with a person we wouldn’t want to marry.

In some cultures there is no premarital dating, but in ours casual dating is acceptable social behavior. So I guess it comes down to how serious the relationship is. If it’s just a friendship I don’t see a problem, but if it’s something that could lead to marriage then I agree with your youth pastor.