Dating The Crucifixion


Thank you again, Jack, for your wonderful work that you do for our dear Lord. You are truly advancing His Kingdom through your work.

I have another question for you. I am curious as to the exact date that Jesus was crucified. Awhile back, I read an article on your site, I believe it was in Ask A Bible Teacher, in which someone gave the dates of His crucifixion, the date of his burial, resurrection, ascension. I couldn’t find that particular article on your site.

One other question if I may. How many years ago did He die for us?

I am asking these questions because my 20 year old son is asking me questions, and is searching for answers. Sadly, he has not come to Christ for salvation….along with my 18 year old daughter. I just feel that the Lord has put this burden on my heart to do whatever I can to lead them both to the Lord. Please join me and my brothers and sisters in Christ in praying for them. Thank you so much, Jack.


We will certainly pray for your children. We know the Lord wants your children to be saved even more than you do (2 Peter 3:9 & John 3:16) and that our prayers are powerful and effective (James 5:16).

A few generations back, Sir Robert Anderson, head of the investigative division of Scotland Yard, and the London Royal Observatory confirmed these dates by plotting the times of all the full moons in ancient history. They determined that the first Palm Sunday was April 6, 32AD on our calendar with the Crucifixion and burial four days later on April 10 and the Resurrection on April 13. His ascension was on Pentecost, seven weeks after that. 32 AD was 1975 years ago. You can read all about this in Anderson’s book, “The Coming Prince.”