A Question About Ezekiel’s Temple


Can you explain more about Ezek 40-47 representing the tribulation temple and not the millennial temple and the nation of Israel being in the land during the kingdom age?


Actually I believe the Temple described in Ezekiel 40-47 will be for both the Tribulation and the Millennium. I think it will be defiled by the anti Christ and then cleansed just like the 2nd Temple was defiled by Antiochus and then cleansed. I take this view from the fact the the river flowing out from under the Temple mentioned in Ezekiel 47 is said to begin flowing on the day of the Lord’s return (Zech 14:8) and the earthquake mentioned earlier in chapter 14 will have destroyed the current temple mount.

I think that the anti-Christ, in enforcing His covenant with Israel, will use Ezekiel 48 to point out to the Jews that their own Scriptures call for the 3rd Temple to be built north of Jerusalem in Shiloh, not on the current Temple Mount. This will make the Muslim presence on the current Temple Mount irrelevant.

Ezekiel 43 contains specific references to God dwelling in the Land with Israel forever. Ezekiel 48 describes the Nation of Israel as occupying all the land west of the Jordan River and extending from about 100 miles north of Damascus to about 100 miles south of Jerusalem during the Kingdom Age, what we call the Millennium.

If you plot this on a map of the Middle East, you can see which area each tribe receives, and you’ll also see that the Holy City and Temple area will be to the north of the current city of Jerusalem in the ancient city of Shiloh where the Tabernacle originally stood.