Third Temple Or Fourth?


To quote from your recent Revelation study; This Temple (The one the Jews will build for use in the tribulation) will be the source of the living water that begins flowing on the day the Lord returns (Zech 14:8). After a cleansing and re-dedication similar to the one memorialized in the Feast of Hanukkah, it will be used during the Millennium. It’s purpose will be to recall the Lord’s work at the cross and provide the perspective for children born during the Kingdom Age to choose salvation. Acts 15:14-16 confirms that after the Lord has chosen a people from among the gentiles for Himself (the church) He will return and re-build David’s fallen Tabernacle (the Temple). This is the Third Temple, so vividly described in Ezekiel 40-48.

So reads one paragraph from your recent newsletter but there seems to be some discrepancy here, if the temple built by the Jews is to be (used during the millennium) what is the purpose of Jesus building the temple which you call “The third” ? [Surely the one Jesus builds is the fourth!] Where does the bible say when it will be destroyed so the final one can be built?


You’re reading the passage from Acts 15 as if would the Lord would personally come and build the temple. But that’s never been the case. He didn’t personally build any of the temples. The full context of the passage means that He was pausing to take a people for His name’s sake from among the Gentiles after which He would return His attention to Israel and cause a Temple to be built. It’s the third Temple.

And as far as it’s destruction goes, that was my point. The Bible never describes it’s destruction, only its defilement. It will be cleansed and rededicated for use in the Millennium.