May 15, The Third Intifada?


I read in the news today that “On May 15, to commemorate the Palestinian exodus day 1948 ( Nakba) when well over 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled out of their home land by Israel, thousands of angry Arab protesters from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon along with their Palestinian brothers from Gaza and the occupied west bank will advance toward Israel in what they call the third intifada.”

Do you think this could have anything to do with Psalms 83 or Isaiah 17? And if so, then we could very well see this prophecies come to pass in the matter of days.


I presume you know that it was the Arab leaders who advised the non-Jewish population in the promised land to flee. They were going to kill every Jew in the new country of Israel to prevent it from becoming a permanent nation, and warned the Arabs living there that they wouldn’t have time to figure out who was who. When the dust had settled, Israel had defeated the attackers and the Arabs who had left were placed in UN refugee camps. Shortly thereafter the UN began calling them Palestinians for the first time.

Whether May 15 will materialize into a fulfillment of prophecy will be determined by how many show up and whether they turn into an attacking army.