A Question About Obadiah


I was reading the article about Obadiah on (a well known author’s) website. He says the book is referring to current times. I went to my Spirit Filled Life Bible, a study bible, that says it refers to the Israeli defeat by the Babylonians in 586 BC. Which is correct? And, when studying, how do I discern which version to believe? Thanks.


The principle I follow in these matters is to study the history to see if a particular prophecy was totally fulfilled in the way the Bible describes or only partially so. Those with only partial fulfillment will be repeated in the End Times where they’ll be completely fulfilled.

The defeat of Edom by the Babylonians is a matter of history. So is the occupation of Petra, their capital city, by the Nabateans (alluded to in verse 19). But the last verse can be related to End Times events, suggesting a future fulfillment as well.