A Question On Isaiah 17


In Isaiah CH. 17 it says that nations will rush like the rushing of many waters. This alliance of nations, who are they? What battle is this referring to after Damascus is destroyed? If nations rush it must be somewhat of a pretty sizable battle. God bless you for helping us Saints out. To a believer,this website means a lot.


You’re referring to Isaiah 17:12-14. We’re not told just who the many nations are. Isaiah 17 was partially fulfilled when Assyria attempted to conquer Jerusalem in 701BC, and by nature of previous conquests there were other nations involved. On the night before their planned attack, the Angel of the Lord killed 185,000 Assyrian troops while they slept and by morning they had packed up and run for their lives. (Isaiah 37:36-37)

But there could be a similar situation on our horizon. Today many nations are stirred up by Israel’s response to the Hezbollah rocket attack and kidnapping. They say it’s not appropriate to the circumstances. And although they’re not directly involved yet, many believe that Syria will soon try to provoke a Jewish response. If (and it’s a big if) that should cause a further escalation we can envision a scenario that includes the final fulfillment of Isaiah 17, the destruction of Damascus.

The phrase rushing of many waters often means a loud vocal reaction. Such an escalation would certainly cause an incredible uproar among the nations.