Another Isaiah 17 Question


Thank God, Jack, for your Website because it is helping lots of brothers and sisters out there, including me, who are thirsty for the word of God.

Do you believe this event has something to do with the prophecy of Damascus and if so; in your opinion is it before the rapture or after the rapture? I feel excited in the sense that the coming of our Lord is near and at the same time I feel anxious because I am not that good servant.

Is Isaiah 17 is also talking about the damage in Israel as well? And if so do you the think it will only take few years for this to come to the tribulation; please make your answers long and please cover more details on this. By the way I am here in Saudi Arabia.


The current situation could evolve into the fulfillment of Isaiah 17 if Syria decides to escalate things by openly entering into the fray and taking direct action against Israel. In any case I believe the destruction of Damascus will probably occur before the rapture.

And although the verse describing the glory of Jacob fading and the fat of his body disappearing was fulfilled in the dispersion of Jews from the Northern Kingdom, it appears that Israel will suffer some significant damage in the coming confrontation as well.

Your security in the Lord is based on what you believe, not how you act, and yes I believe we’re coming very close to the time of Daniel’s 70th week.