A Question About Rev. 6


I have read almost every thing that I can find that you have written and I consider you to be one of, if not the, best writers on the end times. But in a comment on Rev. 6:11 you made a statement that bothers me.

“Just as the church has a fixed number to achieve before its time on Earth is fulfilled (Romans 11:25) so it is for believers who’re martyred for their faith following the Church’s disappearance.”

I know what Romans 11:25 says, but it seems that you’re saying that there is a fixed number that the Church must meet in people saved. To me this creates goal that must take place before Christ can return for His Church, making the timing of the rapture subject to a precondition. I thought the rapture could happen at any time. Have I misunderstood what you are saying?


I believe Romans 11:25 says there will be a specific number of believers in the Church and when that number is reached we’ll go to be with the Lord. I think that’s the main reason why no man can know the day or hour of the Rapture.

The opinion that the Lord can come for His Church at any time is correct because we don’t know how close we are to reaching the full number. It could happen today. Therefore there is no observable sign that that must precede the Rapture.