A Selfish God?


I have been reading your posts this week. I am not completely satisfied with the answer that several have asked. I am not interested in the answers that have been given. I know we are given free will and all that. But I feel the question has not been answered in full. God knew before the foundations of the earth everything that was going to happen. Then why would he create this world knowing some would go to hell. To me this is a selfish God, and much like us.


God created man, giving us the authority to choose our own destiny. Man immediately disobeyed God so completely that the only possible destiny left was eternal damnation. God sent His own perfect son to die in man’s place so that no matter how rebellious man becomes, and no matter how offensive his behavior is, all he has to do to be restored to eternal life is ask to be forgiven, and it will be done for him.

Now because some are too proud or stubborn to ask, thereby consigning themselves to hell, you say God is selfish, no better than man, and for the sake of those who rebel, shouldn’t have given any of us a chance to live. What terrible injustice has been done to you, that you should have such animosity toward God who has nothing but love for you?