Am I Being Selfish?


I have a question that bothers me very much, my husband (not a Christian) and I have supported a various children in other countries for the past 16 years. Also at my church I give what I can when I can, yet every time our Pastor prays he includes giving to God what is God’s, and being generous. I feel bad that I can’t give more than I do already. My husband and I are on an old age pension, and sometimes its hard. Am I being selfish?


Your pastor, like many do, is trying to guilt people into giving more. It shows that he’s depending more on mankind than on God to meet the needs of the church. If the church needs more money, he and the leaders should ask God for it directly.

Selfishness is a state of mind. It comes from thinking too highly of yourself at the expense of others. If you really feel like you’re giving all that you reasonably can, then set your heart at rest and assume the pastor’s hints are intended for someone else. It’s not about how much we give, it’s about our attitude when we give it. And remember, the contribution you make to the children in other countries is a legitimate part of your giving.