A Study In Opposites


Many of the instructors at the Bible College I attend agree with the opinion that eternity is a study in opposites for the believer and unbeliever. That being said they also believe that the place in hell for the unbeliever is as positional as the place in heaven is for the believer. What I mean is this. Just as we will be rewarded for the things we do in Christ so also will unbelievers be punished according to how closely they followed the will of Satan in their lives. If believers receive rewards after the rapture we will know why. Therefore won’t those going to hell also know why they’ll receive punishment?


I can accept your position as long as we agree on this one fact. The only reason believers will spend eternity in Heaven is because by faith we accepted the Lord’s death as payment for our sins. The only reason non-believers will spend eternity in Hell is because of their refusal to accept the Lord’s death as payment for their sins. Since we know that believers can qualify for additional rewards based on our behavior (1 Cor. 3:10-15) it makes sense that unbelievers could be required to endure additional punishment based on theirs (Rev. 20:12).