Questions From The Ezekiel Study


My questions arise from your Ezekiel study. If your supposition is correct that the Lord deals with the Church and the nation of Israel separately, and if Psalm 83 (possibly Isaiah 17) and the battle described in Ezekiel are separate events, then could it be that the rapture should happen before both occur?

If so, or maybe regardless, is there any indication in scripture of how much time lapses between the rapture of the church and Daniel’s 70th week (the final 7 years before Jesus’ return)?


The only battle that’s specifically linked to Israel’s re-awakening is Ezekiel 38. To me, that means that we might be here to see both Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 fulfilled, either separately or combined. There is no indication in Scripture as to the length of time between the Rapture and the onset of Daniel’s 70th week.