Questions On Ezekiel 38


Thanks for your ministry which is surely a great service to the Body of Christ, it certainly is to me.

What do you think is the “Hook in the jaws” of Gog? Gog is apparently a spirit being, who surely knows the outcome of the attack. What do you suppose is sufficient motivation for him to attack knowing the certain defeat of his forces? Could it be that the destruction of these peoples may actually what Gog seeks? Would this battle’s outcome open the door for the temple to be rebuilt? Is that what Gog and his master really want?Since this event may coincide with the end of the church age and the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel, is Gog being restrained from starting the attack until the number of the church is complete?


These are fascinating questions. There are a couple of different theories for who or what the hooks in the Jaw could be. From man’s standpoint it may be a treaty that requires Russia to come to the aid of the Central Asian Republics. But since Gog is a supernatural figure, I think the hooks really represent the sovereign power of God, making the forces of evil conform to His wishes, even though it serves to defeat them.

It’s true that Satan and his cohorts know prophecy. The problem is that they believe they can change it. For example, I believe they think that if they can capture enough human souls they can make God bend the rules for them them rather than see so many lost. I believe this is why God has made salvation a personal issue not a blanket pardon for humanity.

I do believe that an outcome of Ezekiel’s battle will be the construction of a Temple in Israel. And it is possible that this battle can’t begin until the full membership of the Church has been reached.