A Third Testament?


Regarding your reference to a possible Third Testament in the Q&A titled Sin in the Millenium: This is a fascinating concept; since the world will be completely different from what Tribulation survivors were familiar with, it makes sense that a new life guide should be available for those survivors who wish to follow God’s commandments in a new age. Do you think that Jesus himself will be the Author of this Third Testament? I hope that you will further expound on this hypothesis.


While the Lord is ultimately the Author of His word, in the past He has chosen human hands to hold the pens that put His thoughts on paper . To date 40 men and women have been involved in this process.

If there is a third testament, and the Lord develops it the same way He did the first two testaments, then various Tribulation survivors will likely be chosen to document the Lord’s requirements concerning life during the Millennium. This could include instructions on how to become saved, living according to the commandments, remedies for sin, what happens after death, and other things that will be different from life during the Age of Grace.