A Transfer Of Wealth?


What is the transfer of wealth to God’s people? I have a friend who actually believes that she will receive monies to pay off all of her debts and have enough to send to certain evangelists that she gives to. She, of course, got the scriptures to back this up from those evangelists. I know that God provides all our needs but she thinks that this money will be taken from the sinners and given to God’s people. I looked up the scriptures that she gave me and see what she’s referring to but wonder what it really means . As usual I look to you for answers and thank God you are there.


I’ve been hearing this teaching for 25 years now but have never seen evidence of it happening. I think this is a good example of how the Scriptures can be twisted to produce false teaching. In the first place, God doesn’t need to take money from sinners in order to bless His people, and in the second place why would he go to all the trouble of shifting a bunch of money to His children when He’s going to take all of us out of here soon? It doesn’t make sense.