The Great Wealth Transfer


Is there any idea as to when/how The Great Wealth Transfer will happen on Earth? And to whom will it be given to?


If you’re talking about the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world, it’s taking place right now and will soon be complete. The wealth of the masses is being transferred to the international banking community. If you’re referring to the false teaching that just before the End of the Age the wealth of the wicked will be transferred to believers, don’t hold your breath. It isn’t going to happen.

Scriptures like Isaiah 60:11 that some Dominion Theology teachers use to support this false teaching are meant for Israel in the Millennium, not the church today. Think about it. Why would the wealth of sinners be transferred to the church when we’re soon going to be in heaven where worldly wealth is worthless and we’ll have heavenly treasure beyond measure?