A Word From The Lord


I believe God gives words to people to encourage and to help and maybe to warn. I just didn’t think he has done so with me, until this last week. I felt the need to pray and write the prayer to an evangelist. It was a specific word for them. I did not receive a reply or comment on my word. It involved healing. Is there any way to confirm that a word was from the Lord, if the other side does not confirm it? Was this a false prophecy and was I listening to the wrong side? Please, any information regarding receiving a word from the Lord would be helpful.


In 1 Cor. 12:8 Paul explained that one of the gifts of the Spirit is to receive information we had no natural way of acquiring. It’s called a word of knowledge. Having received the word you were obedient to pass it along to its intended recipient and that’s all you’re required to do. If the recipient gets confirmation by receiving the same message from a second source independent from you he or she will know it’s from the Lord, because Deut. 19:15 says a thing must be established by the testimony of two witnesses.

If this is really bothering you, ask the Lord to give you peace about it. He could do this by revealing the outcome to you, or by causing you to forget about it. Either way He’ll reward your faithfulness.