Aborted Babies And Life


I just read a statistic that there are 126,000 abortions performed every day in the world. This figure both astounded me and made me heart sick. I can’t imagine what God must think about this. I firmly believe as you do that all children under the age of accountability go to be with God at their death. If the above statistic is even close to being right then pretty soon if not already there are going to be more souls with God having gone directly to be with him than souls, going to be with God by saving grace by faith in His Son. I guess I’m asking for your opinion on my thoughts.

Another thought I have is that the bible says that man is appointed once to die, but these poor souls didn’t even have the chance to live. If we are a product of our experiences here on Earth how does a person who never experienced life develop… I must suppose that they develop from their experiences in Heaven.


It’s estimated that when you combine Africa and the Far East, roughly 175,000 people are born again every day. If that’s true then those saved by grace still slightly outnumber those killed by abortion. But the killing of babies and the celebration of homosexuality are the two sins that have always brought God’s wrath down on mankind, so this can’t go on much longer.

As for being a product of our experiences, that’s only true here on Earth. At the Rapture/Resurrection we’ll all be so totally changed that the past will no longer be remembered. (Isaiah 65:17) And I guarantee you that not one of those babies, knowing what they know now, would willingly come back to Earth so they could have a chance to live. They’re more fully developed into what they were always intended to be than living 100 lifetimes could achieve.