What Happens To Aborted Babies?


What happens to the souls of aborted babies? If the answer is they go straight to heaven, does this not make infanticide the greatest form of evangelism ever discovered and Dr. George Tiller one of the greatest evangelists of all time?

Although the scriptures do not speak to this hypothesis, are these souls possibly born in the Millennial reign of Jesus? Such an assertion would logically suggest the same for all children that die before the age of accountability and the mentally incapacitated.


Both the Old and New Testaments make it clear that from the moment of conception until the age of accountability, children belong to God. In Romans 7:9 Paul said that he was alive apart from the Law until the commandment came, when sin sprang to life and he died. Since he lived for many more years, it’s obvious he was talking about the spiritual death that comes upon reaching the age when we’re held accountable for our sins. After that we must make the choice to be born again in order to remain in God’s family and avoid the penalty for our sins.

Aborted babies are just like other children who die before the age of accountability. They belong to the Lord. At the Rapture they’ll receive resurrection bodies and will dwell in the New Jerusalem as part of the Church.

Dr. Tiller repeatedly and with malice aforethought violated the commandment against taking an innocent life. Although the result was beneficial for the victims, Dr. Tiller is accountable for their lives (Genesis 9:6) unless before his death he sought forgiveness.