Acquiring Mountain Moving Faith


My question is on faith. I know someone who is terminally ill and dying. She has great faith in the Lord. In a recent conversation she said, “Can you imagine meeting Jesus? How wonderful it will be”. There was such excitement in her spirit. I have great respect and admiration for her faith and the relationship she has with Him. She has said that her faith is a simple one. She trusts her life to God. In many of our conversations over the years she has shared her faith and the faithfulness of the Lord in her life. How do you reach that kind of faith?


I think the best way to get the kind of faith you describe is to give your life totally to God, not making a single decision on your own but submitting everything to Him, accepting only that which He provides, and doing only that which He directs. By living that way you’ll learn that trusting totally upon Him will give you a much better life than you could ever achieve on your own, and you’ll also develop such a strong faith that nothing will be able to shake you.

This is the transformation Paul was speaking of in Romans 12:2. By following his advice you’ll find that you’ll always have faith sufficient for whatever situation you encounter. Your friend might not have been able to predict that she’d have the faith required for her current situation. But having habitually exercised her faith, she has always found it to be more than adequate for the task at hand.