After The Millennium


I asked you earlier about the final destiny of children who are born during the millennium and accept Jesus as Lord to which you replied that scripture does not give us the answer. However, I also realized that I cannot find a final destiny for Israel. After the millennium what happens to them?

Also would it be right to say that Jews saved in the time of the great tribulation, the tribulation saints, the old testament saints, and the millennial children who are saved during the millennium will all share the same destiny?

Is there ANY hint as to what any of these groups’ final destinies might be?


The Bible doesn’t really give a final destiny for anyone because it ends at the end of the Millennium, just when eternity is beginning.

Tribulation Saints are not equated with Israel so any attempt to tie them together is speculation. The fact that they serve God in His Temple doesn’t require that they become part of Israel. He will have a Temple on Earth and a Temple in Heaven. The only place where there’s no Temple is in the New Jerusalem.

You have to understand that the Bible was written for the 7000 year age of man. It doesn’t speak of anything beyond then except to say that there will be something.