Sin In The Millennium


I understand that in the millennial kingdom that Satan is bound, Jesus has set up shop on earth, and all unbelievers are gone. Scripture paints a picture that life will be the Utopia man has always dreamed about. Question. How will those being born during the millennial reign know what the concept of sin is and have to make a choice for Jesus or not? I know that even though Satan is bound, sin is not and theres enough residual sin left in man’s heart, what kind of behavior would there be to evidence to others that something called “sin” exists? Since it seems obvious that the “big sins” like murder, thieving, etc are gone, what about lustful thoughts, anxiety, worry, anger or the like?


The purpose of the Millennial Temple and its ritual is to show mankind the need for a redeemer, just as in Old Testament Times. In addition, there will be daily sacrifices for sin, periodic feasts, a generation of tribulation survivors in their natural (sinful) states, and of course the Word of God to teach and remind. The differences are that in the Millennium, people will know who the Redeemer is and will be looking back on what He did, not forward to what He would do.