Will There Be Sin In The Millennium?


Will there be sin in the Millennium and if so how will it be dealt with? I have heard that there will be sin and it will be dealt with immediately by the Lord. Your comments on this and Scriptures to back it up would be appreciated.


Whether there will be sin or not depends on whether you’re asking about New Jerusalem or Earth. In New Jerusalem there will be no sin because only the redeemed will be allowed to enter. (Rev.21:27) On Earth it’s a different story. Earth will be repopulated after the 2nd Coming by believers who survive the Great Tribulation and enter the Kingdom in their natural states. (Matt. 25:34) Although they will receive eternal life, (Matt. 25:46) The children they bear will still have a sin nature. Sins on Earth will be dealt with through the Temple rituals as in the Old Testament. (Ezekiel 45:13-17) Some believe that Millennial children who don’t accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior by age 100 will die, based on Isaiah 65:20The sinner being 100 years old will be accursed.”