Sin During The Millennium


Re: Rev. 21:8. I am wondering if this verse is just a comment applicable to all judgments or the Great White Throne judgment. If it is the GWT judgment how is it that these sins occur during the Millennial reign when Satan is bound. I recognize that man left to himself is capable of all kinds of evil but the 1000 year period is supposed to be free of these kinds of sins, I thought.


When you take Revelation 21:7-8 as a single thought, it looks like an overview statement describing the final destinies of believers and unbelievers from the Church Age. I say this because the context is the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2) and Rev. 21:27 tells us only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life can dwell therein. This is a reference to the Church.

There will be many sins committed during the Millennium, since living believers who enter the Millennium and all those who are born to them will retain their sin nature. This is why daily sacrifices for sin will be performed in the temple throughout the 1000 years (Ezekiel 46:13). Satan may have introduced sin into the world, but natural man’s sin nature is fully capable of perpetuating it even during the time Satan is bound.