Who’s On Earth During The Millennium, Follow Up


You make an astounding statement at the conclusion of the above article: “The Bible doesn’t really give a final destiny for anyone because it ends at the end of the Millennium, just when eternity is beginning.” May I, and countless others, beg to differ?

If you will read Rev. 21:1, it begins with “and” indicating continuation from the previous statement, in which the Great White Throne (GWT) judgment has occurred. When, in your estimation, would the GWT judgment have occurred? When else but at the conclusion of the Millennium? Rev 21 goes on to describe what happens now – “no more death,…crying…or pain” When all these things would still be occurring during the Millennium. It goes on to describe the holy city and its characteristics, and the final state of the believers -“and they shall see His face…and His servants shall serve Him… .. they shall reign for ever and ever.” How can you say that the Bible is silent on this question? Compared to your needless adherence to the discredited Gap theory, and of course, the pre-trib rapture, this is rather small, but it’s a doozy. Wake up, bro!


If you read Rev. 20-22 together (remember John didn’t put those chapter breaks in there) you’ll see that Rev. 20:7-15 is a parenthetical statement to show the final disposition of Satan and the rest of the dead that he mentioned in Rev. 20:5. Then, in chapters 21-22 he backed up to finish his discussion of the Millennium. You can easily prove this. Rev. 21:1 is a verse taken straight from Isaiah 65:17 where the prophet was talking about life in Israel during the Millennium, and Rev. 22 begins with a description of the river of life that’s taken from Ezekiel 47, another description of life in Israel during the Millennium. Isaiah 65, Ezek 47 and Rev. 22 all include references to time, whereas eternity by definition is the absence of time.

Also, the New Jerusalem is the home of the Church, where we dwell after the rapture (John 14:2-3) which everyone agrees happens before the Millennium begins. Rev. 21 describes our home during the Millennium, which is near Earth, but not on it. We know this because it says sinners can’t go there only the redeemed. There won’t be any sinners in eternity. The no more death, etc, of verse 4 refers to the Church in the New Jerusalem not to people on Earth. We know this because Rev. 21:24-27 shows the Kings of the Earth bringing their splendor to the New Jerusalem, but nothing impure being allowed to enter, nor will any sinner, only those whose names have been written in the Lamb’s book of life.

I stand by my position on Rev. 20-22, (as well as the Gap Theory and the pre-Trib Rapture).