Who Will Inhabit Israel During The Millennium?


We know from the “sheep and goats” judgment that only “saved” humans will enter into the Kingdom. By “saved”, I mean those who accepted Jesus’ sacrifice as payment for their sins, and survived the Great Tribulation. In addition, we will have resurrected Old Testament saints and The Church.

Therefore, who is it that will be living in Israel and performing the Temple duties and sacrifices? Are we to understand that there will be Jewish believers (I assume the ones saved through the Tribulation in Petra) will revert to their Old Testament covenant practices? And if so, why? Or, do you think that Jews who are “protected” are not “saved”, but merely brought through the tribulation to be allowed to populate the Millennium?

Or, do the Old Testament saints (with David as their Prince, and including all the heroes of old) actually live as they did in the old covenant ways?


Apparently a form of Old Covenant worship will be instituted world wide during the Millennium. At the beginning only believers and their children will populate the planet. The saved of Old Testament times and saved Tribulation Jews will inhabit Israel and their Gentile counterparts will re-settle the nations. The Church will dwell in the New Jerusalem, a separate entity not physically located on Earth. According to Rev. 7:8-17 tribulation martyrs will serve the Lord in His Temple as will the Levites who are descended from Zadok. Other Levites can serve in the outer sanctuary but can’t approach the Lord (Eze. 44:10-16).