Will People Sin During The Millennium?


I was Having a discussion with several of my friends about the millennium. We all agree that the earth will be restored to a Paradise. What we don’t agree on is will there be sin? I believe that Man will still have a sinful nature and sin will be limited due to Satan being absent for the 1000 yrs and because Jesus will be reigning with an iron rod. My friends believe that their will be no sin period. Can you Guide us to the correct understanding about sin in the Milennium?


From a couple of passages in Scripture it’s clear that there will be sin on Earth during the Millennium. One is in the Parable of the Sheep and Goats where living survivors of the Tribulation are escorted directly into the Kingdom in their natural sin-natured states. (Matt. 25:34)

Another is from Ezekiel 42:13 where an angel shows Ezekiel the rooms in the Temple where the priests will eat the meat from the holy offerings including the sin offerings. In 46:13 he described a daily burnt offering for the sins of the people.

And in Isaiah 65:20 there’s mention of death in the Millennium. Sin free people are immortal.

Of course in the New Jerusalem where we’ll be housed there will be no sin, since nothing impure can ever enter it. (Rev. 21:27). So in that sense the correct answer depends on whether one is speaking of Earth or the New Jerusalem.